Any Way You Stack It

Ted’s Talking Update: So, I guess I can say I’m through one week of my new TEDtalks goal. The TEDtalk for this week was filmed in 2007 and is about a software that could transform the way we look at digital images. Enjoy!

Tomorrow I am heading over to my parents’ house (again) to continue the wedding tasks. This is a big one folks. The invites are in hand, as are the addressed envelopes and the time has come for them to be stuffed and mailed. Eek!

I came across some assembly tips when looking around the internet gathering information about how to stack the various parts of your invitation to put into the envelope. This is what I found:

1. Reception Card right on top of the tissue paper (if you have it) and invitation with its wording facing you.

2. Response Card is tucked underneath the flap of the response envelope with the printing facing you making it one enclosure. Place on top of Reception Card. The top of the envelope should be in the fold of the invitation (if applicable).

3. Direction or Map Card (if included) should be placed on top of the Response Card with any church directions being on top of any reception directions.

4. Place all items in the inner envelope (if you have one) with the print facing the back of the envelope so it’s immediately visible when opened by the guest and with all folded edges inserted first. This envelope will remain unsealed…with even the flap left untucked.

5. Finally, place the inner envelope inside the outer envelope with the guests’ names facing the back of the envelope and seal. Don’t forget to place a return address on the outside of the envelope.

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