Showered with Love

Wedded Bliss? Being Organized Update: The wedding week timeline is coming along nicely. Here is how our week is shaping up – The Week of I DO

Organization is the key to wedding bliss!

With only 80 days left on the paper chain countdown, things are heating up and the showers are starting. We are having two couples showers and one bridal shower before our wedding and I am starting to think about host/hostess gifts. I am going to hit the stores yesterday to find a few that I think will fit the bill. The first shower is a ‘Stock the Cellar’ shower where the guests bring us a bottle of champagne or wine for our wine cellar. The second is a couples shower for Marcus’ side of the family and his parents’ friends. And the third is for my side of the family and my gal pals.

Three showers, so I’ll need gifts for each of the hosts. Here are some great ideas that would be perfect:


Pottery Barn, Vino Wine Decanter, $29

Sur La Table, Le Creuset Rectangular Serving Platter, $49.95, Hostess Apron, $32.95

Williams-Sonoma, Meyer Lemon Dish Soap, Hand Soap & Lotion Set, $39.95



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