Black and Yellow

Monogram It Update: I can’t show you a pic of the final product, but they turned out great. I’ll share the images with you on Sunday after I give them their monogrammed goodies! For now, seeing the gifts all wrapped up, lookin’ cute will have to suffice.

Wrapped and waiting...

I’m not big on the whole “bachelorette party” thing, which is why we have decided to have a day party that will start at my mom and dad’s house at 11am. I came up with the idea to start with the letter ‘B’ and spell out my future last name with events and stops throughout the rest of the afternoon. At our first stop (mom’s house) we will have brunch, bellinis and bloody mary’s. The rest will be a surprise that my sisters have concocted. The only theme that people are asked to take part in is to wear our wedding colors for the day which happen to be black and yellow.

I still haven’t picked out my outfit for the day yet, so that is on my list of things to do tomorrow. Here are some great pieces that would work well for the theme this weekend:

Limited, Stripe Strapless Dress, $89.90

YOOX, Robert Rodriguez Mini Skirt, $145

Bluefly, Gemma Yellow Splatter Tank, $59.49

Zappos, Diane von Furstenburg Artemis, $325

Modcloth, Double Date Dress, $64.99

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1 Response to Black and Yellow

  1. Morgan Haas says:

    So the 1st song on the CD should obviously be ‘Black and Yellow’…right??

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