Caribbean Queen

Spring Fever Update: I can just feel those warmer temps ahead – or maybe it’s just the floral fest I sported today? Either way, they’ve got me feeling rosy!

Flower Power

With the wedding just 94 short days away, I am looking forward to June 4th – the day we leave for our week-long honeymoon in tropical Antigua. We are staying at a beautiful resort, Sugar Ridge, located near Jolly Harbour.

My task now is deciding what sort of adventures we’d like to go on while there. We are planning on picking three “outings” to go on that will take pre-planning. I figure if I can set these things up beforehand, it’s less stress to deal with during the trip. Here are a few of our top contenders so far:

The Eco Tour, Adventure Antigua

Zip Line Tour, Antigua Rainforest Company

Sunset Cruise, Miramar Sailing

Deep Sea Fishing, Nightwing Charters

Caribbean Cooking Class, Nicole's Table

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