V for Valentine

Mr. & Mrs. Update: My mom (bless her heart!) found frames for me already. We must be on the same wavelength because she snatched these bad boys up at Wal-Mart the other day and they are exactly what I need. They are going to be perfect when I tie them to our chairs with yellow polka dot ribbon! CUTEST!

Just in case people forget who we are.

Just in case my readers (and Marcus, my fiance) have forgotten, Valentine’s Day is next week Monday. If you don’t want to be looking for a gift last minute, check out a few of the items I would suggest…for myself:

Waxing Poetic, Antique Brass Insignia Charms, $55 (can be found at Joseph's in Des Moines)

Kate Spade, Hopper Large Dot Mini Rose Bowl, $75

Sephora, Michael Kors Rollerball, $22

Waterford, Lismore Square Ring Holder, $75

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