Thank You’s x 200

Have Passport, Will Travel Update: So I filled out all of the paper work, attached my stunning passport photos, now all I have to do is send ‘er off. Goodbye old passport, you have served me well!

Goodbye old, Hello new!

In other news, I had a meeting with our wedding tent company today to look over the reception site. We need to make sure the size tent that we are going with will fit on the area of land we have picked out. We got the green light!

It's on!

In a preemptive strike to be prepared for the onslaught of Thank You’s we are going to have to write in the next couple of months, I have decided to take the time now to figure out whether or not I will be purchasing our cards or taking on another project. I think tomorrow I am going to go out and about and check a few stores to see what kind of styles they have in bulk. My hand is already cramping at the thought of it…

Love these thank you sets – some of my top contenders:

Paper Source, Curry Dots Thank You Notes, $12.25/pk of 10 cards & 10 envelopes

Pear Tree, Refined Reflection Thank You, $23.49/pk of 32 cards & envelopes

Wedding Paper Divas, Modern Pair Thank Yous, As low as $0.84 each

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