Is That Your Final Answer?

Nifty Gifty Update: What a jam-packed weekend! On Saturday we celebrated both Marcus’ birth and my niece Sidney’s baptism. After the Mass, we all convened at my parents house for some good food and delicious wine. Here are a few shots from the events:

The Gal of Honor and her mother. She is wearing the same baptismal gown that we all did.

Sid hanging out with her bestie Sofia (Marcus' niece)

The birthday boy (and godfather) with his special dessert - tiramisu from Marino's

Delicious desserts made by my mom.

Markie and me with the little bean.

Tomorrow is the day that I finally review our wedding guest list and make the final cuts. We originally put it together shortly after we got engaged, which was last Groundhog’s Day, so it’s about time that we revisit and make it final. Then the tedious part starts – gathering everyone’s mailing addresses. WOOF! Good thing I have a good chunk of them in my address book, and the rest I will rely on the matriarchs for.

I really should take this time to get a brand spankin’ new address book and get it all up-to-date. I am old school in that I like to have both a hard and electronic copy of my addresses. The electronic copy can be helpful when creating labels to send out our Christmas cards, but for most thank you’s and follow-ups I just turn to my address book that I keep in the drawer next to the mail basket.

Here are a couple of addy books that are super cute!

Paper Source, Saffian Robin's Egg Address Book, $30.95

Neiman Marcus, Pocket Address Book, $45

Vera Bradley, Address Book in Versailles, $16

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