Birthday Suit

Table Label Update: Just L-O-V-I-N-G how these are turning out. Got a lot more to go though!

Two down, thirty-three to go!

Marcus’ birthday is this weekend, and I have decided to purchase a new suit for him as his gift. I didn’t just want to pick it out for him or have nothing to give him, so I have decided to create a gift voucher that I can slip inside a mushy, lovey-dovey card.

I think vouchers are a great way to create something personal to give someone. Whether it be a massage, a free hour of babysitting or a bathroom deep clean. You don’t have to spend any money to make them, you’ve just got to create, cut and give.

Coupons to download and print from

If you don't have the creative juices to make your own, here are some pre-made LOVER vouchers from Paper Source, $8.95

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