Too Tight

Belle of the Ball Update: What can I say? Everything was just perfect. Here is a picture montage from the Inaugural events. Aren’t my future nieces just the cutest?!

All of the kids and grandkids stayed the night at Terrace Hill on Friday after the ball. Marcus and I got stuck with the bedroom on the 2nd floor which they refer to as the Pineapple Room. Well, there are many stories of this room being haunted and of course I heard them all right before we made our way down there to get some shut eye. After finally falling asleep my phone started ringing at 2:45am from a ‘PRIVATE NUMBER’. After being startled awake by the noise I couldn’t fall back asleep and started to hear the old home’s eery sounds. I started to freak out and woke Marcus up so that we could move upstairs to sleep for the rest of the night because I was sure that the Hubbels (the home’s original owners) were the callers from the Private Number and they were pissed because we were sleeping in their bed. I felt really embarrassed in the morning when everyone woke up to find us sleeping on the couches, but at the time, I knew I couldn’t get back to sleep while I was still in that room.

While the room may not actually be haunted, it is very beautiful. Here are some insider pics of the “Pineapple Room”.

As I was getting ready last Thursday morning I busted out a new pair of black opaque tights that I had spent some money on. In order to get a nice pair of tights I feel like you sometimes have to spend more. I stuck my first foot in and noticed that my brand new tights already had a run in them. Such a bummer! And tomorrow I am going to return them.

During Iowa’s cold winter months tights are a must – but I don’t think I utilize tights to their fullest potential. I usually just sport a black pair, but I think I’m going to work on finding more colorful tights to spice up a few of my ‘fits during the remainder of these frigid times.

Here are a few inspirational pairs to get the juices flowin’:

Nordstrom, Hue 'Love' Sweater Tights, $28

Forever21, Navy Ribbed Knit Tights, $6.80

Modcloth, Jukebox Tights in the Twist, $34.99

J.Crew, Black Carbon Herringbone Tights, $22.50

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One Response to Too Tight

  1. Morgan Haas says:

    First of all, you’re a huge dork. Second, the girls looked so adorable I almost died. All that leopard/cheetah? SO CUTE. Finally, you can take a few tips from your awesome sister (me) who loves to rock the colored & patterned tights – it’s way more fun.

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