I’ve been meaning to write this post now for a couple of weeks, but between working remotely and keeping two small children alive, turns out I’m pretty preoccupied and doggone tired by the end of the day. Hence the radio silence.

As this blog serves as a collection of our life, I thought I better not miss the chance to document what is going on in the world right now. We are smack dab in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and are currently practicing social distancing and our own sheltering in place.

I have felt every single emotion over the past two weeks, and I’m sure this is just the beginning. From awkward work Zoom calls to explaining what a virus is to my two small boys, this has definitely been something that I would have never imagined having to deal with.

But, with all that is going on, the one thing I keep coming back to, is how I will never forget this time I’ve gotten to spend with just the four of us. The good and the bad. And I want to take the time to document it all. I hope you are all well and know that we are in this together!


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TTD faves: spring break 2020

There are so many cute items hitting the stores right now and I’m so excited! We aren’t traveling over spring break this year, much to Everett’s dismay, but I do love thinking ahead to warmer days and summer looks.


A New Day Tank Top // zeroUV Retro Oversized Square Sunglasses
KEHO Fashion Beach Bag // KUT from the Kloth Camo Shorts
Universal Thread Huarache Sandals // Universal Thread Sleeveless Dress
’47 Brand NY Yankees Neon Hat // Corkcicle Neon Lights Stemless
Time and Tru Swimsuit

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Friday faves

SleepingBeauty[my little sleeping beauty]

I was Amazon hunting the other day and came across this darling brand, Hope & Henry, that would be perfect for a preppy addition to your Easter outfits this year.

I’ve been wearing my blue light blocking glasses at work a lot lately and felt like I should have a pair at home for my late-night screen time binges. This lilac pair from Target’s Wild Fable line should fit the bill.

This is a friendly reminder that this weekend is daylight saving time! Yes, we loose an hour, but it will be lighter later. I consider that a win.


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Little looks: St. Patrick‚Äôs Day 2020

February just flew by and here we are already into March a couple of days. The luck o’ the Irish will always be followed in our house by donning a few green items on the 17th. I’ve rounded up some cute picks to not get a pinch below!

LittleLooks_StPats20201 // J. Crew ringer tee
2 // Target clover leaf pajamas
3 // H&M checked dress
4 // St. Patrick’s Day Clover Hair Clip Set
5 // Cat & Jack shamrock purse
6 // Olabb Shamrock socks set
7 // Sparkle Star Sneakers

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Friday faves

BoysBasketball[the boys cheered on their babysitter last week]

In the market for a new iPhone case? I’m obsessed and secretly pining for a personalized one from NewJoyStudio on Etsy.

After the most recent James Beard nominations came out, I knew that we needed to get back to Harbinger for dinner. Can’t wait to head there tomorrow night!

I don’t necessarily think that I’m easily influenced, but I finally broke down and ordered these sunglasses that I have been seeing everywhere lately.

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Favorite Things 2020

A couple of weeks ago I met up with some girlfriends for our annual Favorite Things night – and it did not disappoint! We hit up the Cheese Bar and settled in for laughs, gifts and lots of cheesy goodness. Here is this year’s loot:

[Pyrex set + Palmer’s swivel stick + recipe book]FavoriteThings2020_00002
[Rayven Co. Candle + matches]FavoriteThings2020_00003
[handmade pottery from Ben Harle]FavoriteThings2020_00004
[Yeti Rambler mug + Zanzibar’s coffee + mini Baileys]FavoriteThings2020_00005
[Clinique lash power mascara + Ultima replenisher + Emergen-C + Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial hand gel + Burt’s Bees lip balm]FavoriteThings2020_00006
[Dani Awesome earrings + Urban Decay Perversion mascara]FavoriteThings2020_00007[Woman to Woman leave in conditioner + PonyFlo ponytail hat]

This year I gifted the gals my favorite wet/dry bag from Pottery Barn Kids that I use year round, as well as the MegaBabe Thigh Rescue that is clutch in hot, humid summers.

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Friday faves

[Swim lessons started this week]

Slush and mud season is upon us, and I noticed that Everett’s feet are growing at alarming rates! I immediately went to the Hunter Boots website earlier this week and snagged this darling pair of rain boots for him at half off. Use code Nicole Branstad for 15% off your first order.

Around Valentine’s Day I was on the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe and stumbled upon this one. It is a real winner! Pretty sure the sea salt on top is what really makes it!

While we were overseas for the holidays, I was pretty much holed up with Everett for most of the trip. Marcus brought back a small gift for me because he knows how much I love French pharmacies. It is the perfect gift and I now keep one at my desk, one in my purse and one on my bedside table.

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