Flower power

VP Xi, what outfit will it be update: What an amazing evening. We got to watch Vice President Xi Jinping’s plane arrive on the tarmac and then lined the red carpet to shake his hand as he exited. I hope someone got a picture of it because I didn’t. After his 22 car motorcade left the airport we hustled back to the capitol for the all-things-Iowa state dinner.


Mack even got new panda earrings for VP Xi's visit. Love it!

VP Xi visit to Iowa - State Dinner

Iowa themed state dinner.

Tomorrow I am off to hunt down the perfect blooms for our French-themed Valentine’s Dinner this Saturday. I am hoping to snag some post-Valentine’s petals that are on super sale. Think I’ll have any luck? I will have a few sneak peek photos for you on Friday night after we set everything up. Can’t wait!

silver and flowers

One thing is for sure - I will be using silver serving pieces as vases.

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1 Response to Flower power

  1. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Love the silver serving pieces for use as vases ~~ looks like you had exciting day!

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