Sweet spitzbuben

This past weekend I decided to whip out a cookbook compiled of all of my grandma’s favorite go-to recipes. I specifically knew what I wanted to make but hesitated because of how time consuming they can be. And the fact that I’ve never actually made them by myself before…Enter the heavenly spitzbuben (pronounced: spitz-booben) cookies.

A German cookie usually baked around the holidays, spitzbuben (or Hildabrötchen or Linzer Plätzchen) are composed of your choice of jam sandwiched between two buttery, shortbread-esqe cookies. In my family we’ve always used a fluted diamond cutter and stick to either apricot, strawberry or raspberry jam.

IMG_2559IMG_2558[the shapes get a egg yolk bath + a sprinkle of breadcrumbs]IMG_2561[fresh out of the oven]IMG_2565IMG_2566[the finished ‘buben]

Do you have any passed down family recipes that you enjoy making for your loved ones? I’d love to hear about them!

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Love me, love me

Say that you love me. I can’t care ’bout anything but you…

In honor of St. Valentine and cupid shooting arrows and what not, I decided to round up a few gifts that I wouldn’t mind receiving this love-filled holiday… or really any holiday/occaision to be exact.


sunglasses // love letters // heart socks // necklace // dog jewelry holder
the best smelling candle // ceramic berry basket // bucket bag


But in all honesty, if you’re like me, what you really would like this Valentine’s Day is just a card, a thank you for all that you do and possibly a shower that lasts longer than five minutes. And (if you aren’t pregnant like me) wine, more wine.


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Road warrior

This past weekend my parents, Morgan, myself and Evie all loaded up into a squished SUV to take the seven hour road trip west to Hays, Kansas. I know I’ve talked about Hays before on here as both of my parents hailed from the great city on the plains.

We try to make it back as often as possible to catch up with family, but as we get older and have our own kids, it’s only gotten tougher to accomplish. This was a quick trip back to see my grandma so that I could tell her the good news in person, and so that she could see how big my little man was getting.

Traveling with a two year old can be challenging, but I’m on the other side of this trip now and I am amazed at how well Ev traveled. Thank goodness for Little Einsteins and as Ev refers to it, Oh Toodles (a.k.a. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). And a few treats along the way:

IMG_2529[no trip to Hays is complete without a trip to Cerv’s for a snoball]

IMG_2531[my new favorite store on Main Street: Be Made]

IMG_2539[making new friends with the Frontier Park buffalo herd]

IMG_2540[I could get used to the 60 degree weather…]

IMG_2546[limestone churches in every small town & a beautiful Mass with my parents in Ellis]

IMG_2547[my little baby needing his mama’s arm in order to fall asleep, SWOON]

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Evie has news

Yes, you read that right. Mr. Everett is happy (?) to announce that he will be a big brother come this July. We are over the moon and can’t wait to bring another sweet little munchkin into this world.


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Mommy mind: Missing him

IMG_2511[a recent mommy + me donut date]

I think I had to get to this point in order to truly write this post. In the beginning, I needed the space, whether I knew it or not. But now, now it’s different. I miss him like crazy.

In the morning, if he sleeps in and I am out the door before I hear him say ‘hi’ as his bedhead body slowly rises to smile at me from his crib… I miss him.

When I get to the office, knowing that he is in the best possible hands (grandma’s), I type and talk the entire day and many times I wonder about what he’s doing, what he’s learning, how he’s growing… I miss him.

After the crazy, whirlwind evening routine has concluded, he’s all tucked in and surrounded by ‘friends’ in his crib, I shut the door to his room… I miss him.

Working outside the home is definitely hard at this point when my little man is constantly growing up – doing most of it while I’m not on watch. I knew I wanted to go back to work after having Evie, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to feel like I’m missing out on things. I know it’s ok, and that it makes my time with him in the evenings and weekends that much more special/important, but I still miss him.


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TTD DIY: Valentine’s Day Chairbacker

Pretty much every holiday Pottery Barn Kids comes up with a slew of super cute, themed items that I must steer clear of – or else it’ll end up getting personalized and ordered immediately.

This time of year it is the Valentine’s Day Chairbackers that I like to freak out over. After giving them another look, I figured it was something that I could probably tackle myself.

After a recent trip to Target, I stumbled upon these cute little felt Valentine envelopes in The Dollar Spot.


I knew once I saw them that they would be perfect to make into my own DIY Valentine’s Chairbackers.

I started by writing Everett’s name in cursive with a water dissolvable embroidery transfer pen. Using embroidery floss, I backstitched his name.

IMG_2473IMG_2475After the embroidery was complete, I picked out some ribbon remnants and hot glued them to the back of the envelope. IMG_2512After the glue dried, I tested out my chairbacker by just tying a knot in the ribbon in between the slats of our chairs. Voila! Now I get to tuck in a few love notes and treats on the big day! [Insert heart eyes emoji here]IMG_2513


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Cabin fever

It’s funny, because when you live in the midwest in a log home – you legitimately have cabin fever around this time of year. With no warm weather locale trip to look forward to, things are seeming pretty bleak over here with the negative degree wind chill temps.

So during this past three-day weekend, we had to come up with a few ideas on how to stay warm and keep our sanity at the same time. Here’s how we fared…

IMG_2480[did a little prep for Big Night 2016]IMG_2482[took a stroll around Homemakers and snagged a cookie for the road]IMG_2493[made blueberry muffins from scratch // recipe via Yammie’s Noshery]IMG_2494[fresh flowers (ranunculus!!!) from Trader Joe’s]IMG_2500[Evie’s first trip to the Science Center was a hit]IMG_2501IMG_2503[and a little rule breaking to round things out…]

I didn’t realize how badly I want it to be spring until this past weekend, and I know we still have a long way to go. How do you keep the tots happy and burn off some of their NEVER ENDING energy during the winter months? This mama would love any and all ideas.

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